Young LEADER Forum


A young delegation from different LEADER region sin Luxembourg participated in the Young LEADER Forum in Vierumäki, Finland, organized by the EU CAP Network.


The Young LEADER Forum was attendet by a total of 200 participants from 35 different countries. This gave the participants many opportunities to exchange ideas and learn from each other. The 3-day workshop was organized as follows : 


Day 1 : Networking Dinner

Day 2 in the morning : Interactive workshops, with topics as : 

  • Connecting & promoting people and place
  • Youth involvement in decision making

Day 2 in the afternoon : Different questions were discussed in groups, such as : 

  • Why do we need an international young LEADER's community ?
  • What is the proposed objective ?
  • How do we bring the international young LEADER's community to life after this event ?

Day 3 : 5 field trips were organized : 

  • Entrepreneurship in the heart of nature
  • From villages to town
  • Play, furry and fun
  • Folk traditions and creativity
  • Sweets by the Sea